Circus Giraffes

Nothing but troublemakers.

No more letting the animals watch Madagascar, that's for sure.

- - - - - - -

I'm in the midst of packing the five of us for a great, big Circus Road Trip adventure.

I am pretty much freaking/spazzing out about all the details and lists and my God I can't forget to pack the toothpastewipessunscreenatlasswimsuitsshortscocacola shirtsjeanssweaterunderwearsockscellphonejacketsearplugscamera. And that's just the stuff for home.

I'm also setting stuff up at work so that my boss doesn't feel like I've abandoned him in the wilderness somewhere, while making sure my administrative assistant counterparts don't feel like I've dumped a whole heap of garbage on them at the same time. After all, they'll have plenty of time to think of payback while I'm out, and they're a crafty bunch, those assistants.

Getting ready for the big adventure is an adventure in itself.

The giraffes, however, are not coming with us.

Rest assured, I'll be back.


Sharkey said...

Don't worry so much about the packing. As long as you get the big stuff (camera, etc.) packed, you can buy almost anything else you need.

Can't wait to hear more about the trip!

Nance said...

Ah, vacations: when women have to EARN it before we leave and PAY FOR it when we return. ;-)

Circus Kelli said...

Sharkey - Good point! Thank you!

Nance - Hee hee... you may be on to something there. :)

Claudia said...

And why was I not invited....I am cute, and I have booze...just saying..

PS- will miss you, but have a freaking blast. Pictures, please and thank you!

WILLIAM said...

The Gi-Raff was framed.

C'mon..."pot"-bellied pigs...in AMSTERDAM?

You know who did it.

Have fun.

Mama Zen said...

What Nance said!

Hope that you have a great trip! Look out for giraffes!

Ms Elanious said...
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so NOT cool said...

Have a fantastic vacation!!

Bone Machine said...

Since all systems are go, it's probably too late for me to suggest reviewing National Lampoon's Vacation.

apathy lounge said...

Have a great time. Be safe! Don't talk to strangers! Call me when you get there! Bye! Bye! Still waving!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Beanpaste just pointed out that people with young children should not equate "vacation" with "rest."

Have fun!

brudder doug said...

By the time you read this ypu probably be nearing Denver, which is where I hope you csan stop to viit a bit with uws !

The anticipation is great . . . . .

crazymumma said...

have a great time!

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