Day Four: 2008 Great Circus Road Trip

States visited this day: Colorado

I started off this day by trying to kill Hubby's GPS unit. Punkin and I were loading the truck as Hubby and the kids checked out of the hotel. I didn't realize Punkin had set the GPS unit down on the back of the truck, and I shut the rear door right on it. I picked it up off the ground where it had somehow landed, Punkin and I looked at each other like "Whoa. That's not good."

Thankfully, the GPS unit was dented, but still functional. I hadn't slept well the night before and spent most of the morning in a state of "I can't do anything right." but eventually recovered. Hubby ordered a new 'cover' for the GPS unit which arrived home before we did.

After that mishap and ensuing drama, we were off to the Royal Gorge in Canon City, CO.

Just completely, unbelieveable, the Royal Gorge boasts the "world's highest suspension bridge", spanning the Arkansas River 1,053 feet below. That's a l-o-n-g way down, lemme tell ya.

The Circus walked across the bridge (to get to the other side), stopping along the way to take a look at how far up we were... and to let cars pass. When you stood still, you could feel the bridge moving a bit with the traffic and wind.

On the other side, we visited with bison, elks, deer, goats and burros. The two littles each rode a burro, but Buddy only did it after Sweet Pea did it first.

There was also a little "Wild West Town" complete with jail and general store. The kids hammed it up "in jail", sat together in the really big rocking chair outside the general store, and talked to the "horse lady" about palaminos (Sweet Pea had a huge fascination with palaminoes during the trip). As we were walking through "town," Sweet Pea spotted two Texas Longhorn Steers and a cowboy tending to them. After asking us if it was ok to talk to the cowboy, Sweet Pea (all 3.5 feet of her) walked up to the six foot tall cowboy and even bigger Texas Longhorn Steer and struck up a conversation. Before we knew it, she was petting the creature. This was Punkin and Buddy's cue to also come and pet the animal.

A little bit later, we walked back across the bridge so we could take the carriage ride trolley thingy down to the bottom of the gorge. That was cool. Once at the bottom, Hubby and the clowns took turns throwing rocks into the Arkansas River. When the clowns tired of that, we went back to the top, then over to the aerial tramway to go across the gorge. THAT was a trip! You're just suspended out there in the middle of nothing, over the gorge. Buddy loved it, Sweet Pea, not so much.

The heat and the elevation were starting to get to the clowns (and me), so we eventually walked back across the bridge (again) and piled back in the Circus Truckster. Hubby drove South through Colorado, and we spent the night in Cortez, CO. I passed the time by taking random pictures, texting my SIL, and reading the occasional roadsign. One of the funnier ones I saw advertised one of the go-kart/fun places. It said "Scream until Daddy stops!" For some reason, Hubby didn't want me to point that one out to the kids.

still more to come...

(You can see all of the pictures here)


Nance said...

What an adventurous one that SP is! For that matter, the whole Circus. Big Day for The Big Top!

Circus Kelli said...

Nance - She surely is. The next day of the trip was even more adventurous. I'm working on writing that up now. :)

eclectic said...

"Scream until Daddy stops" ?!?

I'd say they know their target market, that go-kart place. That made me laugh!

Mrs. G. said...

It sounds like you are having a lovely vacation-ahh the family vacation-heaven and hell.

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - Oh yeah! I guffawed, but had to cover it with a cough so the kids didn't notice the sign. :)

Mrs. G - 'Zactly.

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