Day Two: 2008 Great Circus Road Trip

A Mile High

States visited this day: Colorado

Circus Truckster Conversation:
Sweet Pea: "Speckled warblers are kinda shy, but I think chocolate crumbs help them come out."

24 hours into the trip, we realized we forgot:
Actual gym shoes for Punkin. Croc look-a-likes (Croc-a-likes) are not great for climbing slippery rocks.

We were up and out early this morning, anxious to get our first good look at real live MOUNTAINS. We headed up the Big Thompson Canyon, into Estes Park and over Trail Ridge Road into Rocky Mountain National Park, stopping along the way to explore by a pull off alongside the road. They all (including Hubby) threw stones into the river, and pushed their own boundaries by climbing on the rocks. Hubby assisted their journeys on the rocks to be sure they were safe.

After a while, we piled back in the Circus Truckster and continued on up Trail Ridge Road. We made it up to the highest point on the road and set off on a few short hikes here and there. There was a lot of getting in the truck, getting out of the truck, and we were all in good spirits. The elevation did start to pose a problem for me, but everyone else was doing well.

At some point, we loaded back into the Circus Truckster and made our way back down the mountain. The little clowns had fallen asleep, and I may have dozed for a bit as well. As we were coming down the mountain, Buddy's stomach suddenly decided it didn't agree with the elevation and up came breakfast.

We cleaned him up the best we could (all our clothes were at our hotel for the night already), and stopped at the next Target we could find. I purchased a new shirt, shorts and underwear for him. Once cleaned up and changed, Hubby drove around for a bit, "accidentally" finding the Harley Davidson dealer in Loveland, CO. The building was impressive, but unfortunately, they were closed.

It had been a busy day, and we decided to head on out to dinner, then try to calm the kids down and get them in bed. It must have worked because when Hubby tried to wake us around 10:00pm to watch the fireworks out our hotel window, not a one of the kids would budge out of bed. I'll confess that I merely stumbled to the window to look for a moment, before crawling back into bed myself. I can't be sure, but I think he declared us all "party poopers."

We were just all resting up for the next day's activities.

(You can see all of the pictures here)


Nance said...

Fireworks and vomit are the same pretty much everyplace, but the scenery...! LOL.

eclectic said...

Awwwwww, poor Buddy!! Although why we feel sorry for him when he isn't even the one that has to clean up the mess, I'll never know! ;)

Gorgeous photos! Makes me homesick looking at them. Looks like a wonderful trip full of good memories.

Circus Kelli said...

Nance - You got that right!

Eclectic - Hee! It was a really great trip full of really great memories.

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