Great Circus Road Trip 2008: Day One


States visited this day: Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado

In an effort to get ahead of traffic, The Three Ring Circus pulled up stakes and left town just after 2am. We weren't on the road an hour when one of the clowns asked (seriously) "Are we there yet?" After that, I made a point to ask "Are we there yet?" at least once a day.


We crossed over into Iowa. "Bob and Tom" were on the radio at one point with the "Interstate 80 Song" - one of the funniest things I've heard, mostly because it's SO true! We spent a good portion of our time pointing out cows and horses to the kids. Mostly because they were asleep again.

We're in Nebraska! Home of Arbor Day! Woo!

Buddy's nose suddenly springs a leak, freaking the heck outta Sweet Pea who was sitting next to him. "MOM! BUDDY'S NOSE IS BLEEDING!! IT'S BLEEDING!!" Um, yeah, I'm about two feet in front of you, please stop yelling. I promise you I can hear you quite clearly. A few kleenex's later, Buddy and his nose were just fine.

Most exciting road side attraction(s) so far:
World's Largest Truck Stop in Iowa and the
Great Platte River Road Archway

We arrived in Denver, Colorado around 3:30pm, found our hotel room and rested up for a bit before meeting up with Denver Doug.

I "met" Doug online about eight years ago, we we've been friends since. Over time, I've come to think of him as a cyber-brother (Brudder Doug), and he's enjoyed reading the stories and seeing the pictures of the clowns growing up a little at a time. We were excited to be able to meet with him (finally!) face to face! Not only did we meet him, we were also blessed with meeting his lovely wife, Heather, and their daughter, Shelley. They're such lovely people. Really. They had a couple of toys for the kids, and a lot of ideas on things for us to do in the area.

We were lucky enough to squire Doug off to LoneStar Steakhouse for dinner where we talked his ears off (not really) and let the kids' energy wear him out completely. Doug is such lovely people, and he was so kind to Hubby and I and the little clowns. Our visit was too short, but the time was getting late, so we all piled back into the Circus Truckster and brought our guest of honor back home.

Lots of pictures had been taken, and hugs and goodbyes were exchanged when it was time. It was wonderful to meet Doug and his family. They're a nice bunch of folks.

It was already getting dark by the time we were on our way back to the hotel. We didn't get much of a look at the mountains that first day, but the sunset was beautiful.

(You can see all of the day's pictures here)


WILLIAM said...

Very cool.

Bev Sykes said...

I'm so glad you got to meet Doug and Heather. How is he doing, healthwise?

Nance said...

Holy crap, what a T-R-I-P. You really traveled! WITH KIDS. I am breathlessly awaiting the next installment.

Claudia said...

Um, yeah, when are you road tripping it my way with that circus, woman...? (word verification is fuxmi)

Gretchen said...

Yay Iowa! It's a long way across, but not as bad as Nebraska. I think that should be our new state motto - Not as Bad as Nebraska.

Bone Machine said...

For some reason, that across the road truck stop reminded me of a similar kind of apparatus somewhere in the Chicago area. It seems like it was somewhere between Merrillville, Indiana and Rockford, Illinois. That was nine years ago, so some aspects of the trip have been ravaged by time.

Circus Kelli said...

William - It was.

Bev - I sent you an email a few days ago. He's hanging in there.

Nance - We surely did that.

Claudia - I wish I knew!

Gretchen - Now THAT is FUNNY! HA!

Bone - Oh yeah, that's called an "Oasis" near Chicago. In Nebraska, it's the Great Platte River Road Bridge. BIG diff.

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