Happy July Fourth!

Flags, fireworks, BBQs and time with family.

We've spent some time touring this U.S. of A.

Purple mountains majesty?

Amber waves of grain?

We've seen 'em.

Plants and birds and rocks and things.

Cows, horses, cornfields.

Seen those, too.

I've taken 164 pictures so far. Most of those of the Big Thompson River and the incredible rock 'walls' of Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather has been fabulous, and we've been completely in awe of the mountains and clouds and rivers and rocks and wonders of the nature we've seen here.

It's been wonderful.

I'll post pictures when I can.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.


Aunt Shelley said...

I miss you guys!!!

kcinnova said...

Funny, we are in your neck of the woods but about to go home again.
I thought about you when driving here!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sounds like a great time--can't wait to see the pics.

eclectic said...

Awwww, geez, you're hangin' out all over my old stompin' grounds. It's not fair I don't get to be there with you!!! Have lots of fun!!

Claudia said...

WOOT! Happy 4th to you and yours as well baby!!!!!

Bone Machine said...

Safe travels to the Circus Troop.

Susie said...

Have a safe, happy time :) Say hi to Hugh and Rhea.

Nance said...

Way to take your show on the road. Happy trails.

Ortizzle said...

Pass the hot dogs. (I'll wait for the pics.) (But not that long, eh...)

kcinnova said...

Pictures!! We want pictures!!

(Welcome home...I saw you on twitter and hoped you'd have posted already.)

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