Home Sweet Home

My Grandmother used to say vacations are nice, but there's nothing like that feeling of coming home.

The Great Circus Road Trip Adventure has ended, and the Circus is now back at home base. The mountains were awe-inspiring and beautiful and breath-taking. It was a shame to have to leave them there.

All the detailed drama and pictures (over 700 of them taken!) will be coming soon.

Post vacation let down will commence this afternoon/evening when I attempt to tackle the one mountain we brought home with us -- the laundry.


kcinnova said...

700 photographs?! I'm impressed!

I've yet to conquer Mt. Washmore.
Welcome back!!

Ms Elanious said...

Oh, do I ever feel your pain, sistah. After our Grand Canyon odyssey it seemed like the laundry would never end. And you know what? It hasn't. ;) Welcome home!!

so NOT cool said...

It is ALWAYS so nice to come home! Welcome back. :)

Circus Kelli said...

KC - Thanks! I haven't reached the summit of Mt. Washmore yet, but I'm getting there.

Ms El - Thanks! That's *very* encouraging... ;)

So Cool - Yes it is! Thanks!

Lynn said...

Ha! You and I are certainly on the same page right now. I am just putting away the last of the huge mountain of laundry we brought home with us. I wanted to get it out of the way quick in case of post-vacation crash. And there is certainly no place quite like home, so welcome back.

Ern said...

I heard someone describe that post vacation let-down as having "a burden of good memories".

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