CircusKelli: Yearbooked

Because Miss Susie Fairchild told me too...




One of my friends has
a bridesmaid's photo of me
where I look very much like this. Scary!

The year I was born.
Very Mary Tyler Moore, isn't it?

So, that's what I would look like
with completely straight hair...





Now, there was something else I was supposed to do... what was it??


Sharkey said...

Hey, wait a minute . . . that last one's for reals, isn't it? You're such a cutie!

Susie said...

You're always gorgeous. And in that one, with the cat eye glasses, you look remarkably like the new VP (presumptive) nominee (whom I think is quite pretty).

::tangent::How did we all live so long without ever using the word "presumptive," and now it's all over the place?::end tangent::

eclectic said...

That Susie, she's being bossy today. I had to obey her too, and fall into the black hole that is YearbookYourself.

It's not fair y'know -- you actually have a real-life picture, and you LOOK GREAT!!!! All my school pictures are ghastly. But my yearbook-yourself ones are at least highly entertaining...

You're darling, my dear!! Wanna hangout?

so NOT cool said...

Ha, this was so much fun that I went and did it myself. I don't know if I'll post it or not, but I enjoyed myself.

Interestingly enough, the one for the year I graduated (88) looked almost exactly like the real thing. Same hairstyle exactly. :)

Dragonfly Dreaming said...

Oh my god! I was laughing SO hard I nearly peed myself. Now I have to do it!!!

Circus Kelli said...

Sharkey - It's possible.

Susie - HA! Separated at birth, she aged just a wee bit faster than I...

Eclectic - Thank you. Yes, I would LOVE to hang out with you. C'mon over! Bring Susie!

So Cool - That's cool! We need to see the pics!

DD - What? Do I amuse you? What am I? A clown? ;)

kcinnova said...

I really must dig out my real photo, just to compare myself. I'm scared, though...my kids are going to laugh MUCH too hard!

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

The 1982 hairdo scares/fascinates me. I graduated in '83, and am SO glad I never really succumbed to the outrageous styles of the day.

Squirl finally succumbed to Yearbook Yourself. I hope she posts some, too!

apathy lounge said...

Lovely face...though some of those hairstyles don't need to make a comeback.

Lynn said...

1968 is soooo cute!

Circus Kelli said...

Lynn - I *was* adorable in '68, wasn't I? :)

Apathy Lounge - No kidding!

B4E - That hairstyle makes me wonder how it was done...

KC - if you do this with the photos first, yours may look tame in comparison. (it worked for me!)

Squirl said...

You pulled off 1964 better than anyone else's that I've seen. That 1982 'do was just plain scary.

And Susie told me I had to post, too. So I did.

Circus Kelli said...

Squirl - 1964 kinda makes me look like my MIL. :) (I don't think she had cat's eye glasses, though.)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I haven't been able to find a pic that works yet--I'll have to put it on my to-do list.

I have to agree with Sharkey!

Shelley said...

I was thinking that you looked like mom...I laughed when you wrote that. And no she didn't have the cat glasses.

Anonymous said...

That was creepy in spots.

Williams Brother

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