Days 6 and 7: 2008 Great Circus Road Trip

Day Six

States visited this day: Arizona, New Mexico

Our vacation was winding down as we headed the Circus Truckster back in the direction of home, via Route 40 / old Route 66.

We woke up this morning to find Buddy had a rash covering his torso. Apparently, he did not like the lotion I put on him the other night.

Breakfast was at McDonald's today. As we pulled up to it, Buddy exclaimed "Hey there McDonald's! How you doin' buddy?!"

Our first stop of the day Was the Meteor Crater. That was pretty cool. The kids were properly impressed with the very large, very old dent in the ground. The signage around the crater stated that 20 football games could be held at the same time in the floor of the crater with no overlap. Two million spectators could sit watching those games along the sloping sides of the crater. Now that's a pretty big hole in the ground.

From the Meteor Crater, we made our way to Winslow, AZ. The Circus Truckster let us know that OUTSIDE the temperature was at 100 degrees. That's pretty hot. (but it's a dry heat, heh) We ambled around the town for a bit, taking pictures of the Winslow Station, some of the historic signage, and, of course, "standing on the corner." It was kinda neat. Our last stop before heading out of town was at the Dairy Queen.

As we drove on to Holbrook, AZ, I couldn't help but notice that the clouds just didn't look real. Surely, clouds that perfect were painted in the sky. Or maybe it was just because we were missing the mountains we had been seeing for days. In Holbrook, AZ, we passed the Wig Wam Motel. The kids thought that was pretty cool, and commented on the similarity to the "traffic cone motel" in the movie "Cars". There were older cars parked outside of some of the Wig Wams.

We had hoped to make it to Albequerque, New Mexico that day, but we only made it to Santa Rosa. For some reason, I had the hardest time remembering where we were. I must have asked Hubby a few times "where are we?" The hotel was nice, and it must have been around midnight before we were all asleep. Hubby had hoped to get an early start the following morning, but that didn't happen.

Day Seven

States visited this day: New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri

After breakfast at the hotel in (where were we?) Santa Rosa, New Mexico, we piled into the Circus Truckster with the intention of making it all the way to Northern, IL by bedtime. Hubby had set the GPS and it had given us an ETA back home of around 2:00am (the following morning). I personally thought Hubby was being a wee overconfident in his abilities when he announced "Oh, I can do that. No problem." Uh-huh. we'll see.

After a stop for gas, we were on our way, the rain following us. Buddy's rash had been getting increasingly worse, and we stopped in Tucumcari, New Mexico for some allergy medicine to help him out until we could get him back home and to the doctor. Hubby thought he had heard that one of the players for the Bears, Brian Urlacher, had some connection with Tucumcari. As it turns out, he was right.

We stopped at a small pharmacy that was definitely not the chain pharmacies that I'm used to. This one was definitely a throwback to the type of "old fashioned" pharmacy of the past. Almost to the point of being spooky. We didn't stay long in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

The rain stayed with us through the Texas pan-handle. It was the smallest part of Texas, but it boasted the Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere, as well as the Cadillac Ranch. (By the way, if you have a very, very, very strong need to pee, do it before you get to the Cadillac Ranch. If you don't stop before you reach the Cadillac Ranch, do NOT get out and walk to the line of cars. It is much easier to hold yer water if yer not walking. Another good reason to go before you get there, there is no way to hide behind any of those buried cars, or any ANYTHING to relieve yourself. You will end up giving the camera to your spouse, doing the "Oh My God I Have To Pee RIGHT NOW" walk back to the truck while your family (and others) giggle behind your back and if he doesn't use the remote to unlock the doors you are going to kill him, then you will beg and plead for your spouse to drive as effin' fast as possible who cares if that's a cop there just FLOOR IT, MAN! to the nearest Love's Gas Station a very, very, very long mile down the road where you will barely wait until the truck is in park before you throw open the door and make haste to the who cares what it looks like just please dear Lord let it have a toilet and a door (although at this point a door isn't a necessity and in another few minutes a toilet won't be a necessity either) restroom where 10 seconds later you can finally breathe a HUGE sigh of relief. Don't ask me how I know this. I will not tell you, but Hubby may be more than willing to relay to you the whole humourous event in great detail. No, I will not give you his email address.)

After the excitement of Brian Urlacher's car dealership in Tucumcari, New Mexico, you can guess how excited we were to pass Yukon, OK, Home of Garth Brooks. (Heh) We waved to the home of Garth Brooks and continued on. Oklahoma is a long state to drive through. Somewhere along all the cows and horses and corn, Buddy got very upset with Hubby and I. I'm not sure why, but I'll tell you, that boy's four-year-old tirade lasted a good 10 minutes or more before I finally put a stop to it. He told us repeatedly that he did not like "lelling at us (yelling), but clearly we were not listening. I recorded a small portion of it via my cell phone for posterity. It's a bit difficult to make out, but it's priceless.

Our course took us through Kansas. I had hoped to see the Largest Ball of Twine, but that was a couple of hundred miles out of our way, and, by this point, Hubby was very much into "get 'em home" mode.

As the day and the drive wore on, the GPS's estimated time of our arrival home shifted. First, 2:15am, then 3:15am. Hubby was still intent on us getting home that "evening", I was still doubtful. One last check of the GPS showed our arrival around 6:00am. That was the point where Hubs waved the proverbial white flag for the day.

(one more installment will finish up the 2008 Great circus Road Trip Adventure)

(You can see all of the pictures here)


Character Builder said...

I was going to ask you if you stood on a corner in Winslow, AZ, but you beat me to it. Stopping at DQ on the way out would totally make the trip!

I'd love to drive through Garth's hometown. I don't know how you guys made this long of a trip by van with small children. You're my hero.

Circus Kelli said...

CB - Hee hee! We're not heroes, we're just crazy. ;)

eclectic said...

Buddy is my kinda boy. I don't like "lelling" either, but geez, when clearly nobody is listening, what's a body to do?! ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That's a lot of driving.

We're doing the trip to take MVP to college in Colorado in one day--San Diego to Fort Collins--mapquest says 17 hours. Ugh!

Nance said...

Buddy's episode reminds me of my own son's "moment" when he had clearly had enough of our car trip. During a quiet moment he said, dramatically for a two-year old, "Am I going to have to LIVE in this car seat?"

Maddy said...

Now there's a thought. Maybe next year we'll skip England and you can plan our itinerary Stateside?

Altogether in an RV......maybe not.

Dragonfly Dreaming said...

Men are stubborn like that, aren't they??!

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - Hee, you should have heard him. Sheesh.

Jenn - Oh wow! I'll be thinking of you!

Nance - Hahahaha!

Maddy - It's definitely an ADVENTURE! :)

Claudia - And trust me, Hubby is ALL MAN. ;)

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