I can, I am

I recently discovered I can turn a pair of boys pajama pants right-side-in when I'm barely out of a dead sleep, in the middle of the night, in the dark.

I can also go to bed at a reasonable hour, sleep like a log -- a big, fat, 100 year old log -- not waking up once in the night, and not hearing the alarm in the morning and still be bone tired when I wake up.

I can be running late for work, and still be graced with the opportunity to spend three or four minutes just sitting with one of the clowns, telling them what I love about them, listening to them, while music plays in the background - and not once think "Sheesh, I'd better get moving, ok hurry up, get dressed, let's go."

I can want to lose a few pounds, and get in better shape and still give in to the call of chocolate and ice cream without much of a fight.

I can also get into a zone where I am more focused on losing those few pounds, and stronger-willed against the chocolate and ice cream.

I can decide I need to get better with tracking my finances, then not balance my checkbook for weeks, sometimes months.

I am a walking contradiction, consistently inconsistent.

And for the moment, I'm totally ok with that.


crazymumma said...

Ah. the freedom of being a walking contradiction.

so liberating.

(I hate those last pounds, the ones that I am not strong enough to lose)

Lynn said...

You're consistently inconsistent, too? Well... at least we're consistent about something.
You're AOK in my book, Circus K!!

If you're looking for inspiration for a financial 'take charge', Suze Orman is great. Try 'Young, Fabulous and Broke'. 'Women and Money' is good, too. And she has a TV show and a website as well.

Dragonfly Dreaming said...

You my dear are a gorgeous dichotomy. :) And I love you for that.

Nance said...

And can you find a dropped pacifier AND the squalling mouth it belongs in at 4 AM completely in the dark in less than 5 seconds? OF COURSE YOU CAN!

Mama Zen said...

See, you can do it all!

WILLIAM said...

Wait a minute...walking contradiction...isn't that just being a woman.

Circus Kelli said...

CrazyMumma - Is it liberating? I haven't stopped to think about it.

Lynn - You're not bad either, love.

DD - No no, I'm a GIRL... oh wait, I see. Thank you!. :)

Nance - Probably! Thankfully, I haven't had to do that for a while!

Mama Zen - HA!

William - By golly, you're right! And I'm feeling VERY womanly lately.

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