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Dear Circus Kelli:

Thank you for choosing BFF. We have received your online order.
Please take a moment to review it for accuracy and completeness.

Order Number: TA77218
PO Number: TA108231
Customer Number: 1121001
Purchaser: M. Erika
Deliver To: Circus Kelli, Birthday Present

Qty.ProductBFF Part #Price

1Mr. Trace AdkinsTA853561(priceless)

Augst 23   Road Trip to Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN
October 10   Sears Centre, Hoffman Estates, IL

Special Instructions:
Have a good time, laugh, take tons of pictures, blog about it later.

More to come!


Dragonfly Dreaming said...

HA! That's awesome, now can you send me David Duchovny??!?

Circus Kelli said...

DD - You got it, darlin. Expect 4-6 weeks for delivery. ;)

Maddy said...

Lovely! Keep it up!

Circus Kelli said...

Cheers right back at you, Maddy! :)

eclectic said...

Wait... You just ordered YourErika as a BFF? OR, she just ordered Trace Adkins for you? OR, you're both going on a road trip to see him?

Geez, I leave for a week and now I can't even figure out what's going on.... ;)

Lynn said...

Wow! That sounds like it will be pretty amazing! Maybe there will be pictures. :-)

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