It's one of those roller coaster weeks.

My dear friend Doug is at the Hospice hospital in Colorado. We are receiving updates from his lovely wife. The last couple of mornings, the family has been told to "Come right away...", and each day, Doug rallies and continues on. He is surrounded by his family, his favorite place to be.


In three days Erika and I leave for Nashville, TN and the Grand Ole Opry! You have no idea how excited I am about this road trip adventure. Just Erika and I and three whole days of making our own schedule, eating what we want, when we want, and not having to be a role model to anyone! It's going to be SO MUCH FUN.


There is work to do, long lists of work to do at work. There are lists of work to do at home. The temperature and humidity are creeping up again, and that's no fun for me. I get overheated easily and then itchy and then irritable and when you're making dinner and fielding requests and questions from three clowns all at the same time... well, let's just say that I sure showed a complete lack of style and decorum.

My mind is spinning at night with concern about Doug and his family as well as planning for our trip to Nashville. There are other projects in my head, too. Baby shower for Dit, back to school for clowns (still need gym shoes and a lunchbox for Punkin), computer things that need to get done for some sites I'm managing, and there is always house cleaning and laundry to keep up with...

I'm not sure which will get me first--the whiplash from the roller coaster, or my head exploding from the racing thoughts. Maybe it will be both.

Either way, it's Nashville or bust on Friday*!

* I had a pinched nerve or something for a bit on Sunday - the back of my neck and my right arm suddenly hurt and felt weak. Hubs said "Well, it's your right arm, so it's not a heart attack." I told him I couldn't have a heart attack, I was going to Nashville on Friday. Heh.


crazymumma said...

Okay. And I thought I had the Thelma and Louise thing down. But you are obviously going to steal it and run.

Circus Kelli said...

CrazyMumma - We're going for Thelma and Louise without the dramatic ending... ;)

Maddy said...

Well I certainly hope that you miss out on the dramatic ending.
Very best wishes

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