Around The Big Top

One of us is playing with a long cardboard tube from a large roll of wrapping paper when we should be sleeping.

One of us is totally over the moon excited that she will be meeting Trace Adkins one month from today.

One of us thinks the other is a groupie (not to be confused with "grouper")

Earlier tonight, someone commented that the school lunch included yellow cake, then asked "And you know what color yellow cake is, right?!" Two of us answered "BLUE!" in unison.


Sharkey said...

Darn it, Kelli! Put that wrapping paper tube away and get into bed this instant!

Susie said...

This will be two meetings with Trace in two months? Should Hubby be worried?

Character Builder said...

Did you see that Trace is in a movie that's either out in theaters or opening soon? I'm guessing it's a small part, but I love seeing him on the ads for it.

Catherine was at the doctor today for a follow up, and one of the residents (I assume) that was with the doctor reminded me of Trace, minus the long hair.

Dave said...

Is it sad that I had to google Trace Adkins?


eclectic said...

Dude, you already met Trace Adkins, so I'm guessing it's Punkin who's over the moon, and YOU are the one playing swords with the cardboard tube. And yellow cake is NOT blue... it's icky. Cake should always be chocolate, no matter what color it is. ;

WILLIAM said...

Blue Cake...sounds delicious

Bone Machine said...

I thought you were going to meet Gene $immon$.

What the hell.

Nance said...

Great. Now I want cake.

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