State of the Circus

No recent road trips, no major dramas, not much has changed here at the Circus for a week or so.

Right now, the clowns are "cleaning up the playroom", Hubby is watching a Bears game and I'm sitting here deciding if I want to sneak out of the house to run errands on my own, start looking through the stack of catalogs for Christmas/birthday shopping, start a new book or make some lunch.

(Blogging wasn't on that list, but that's what I've landed on for now)

I spent most of the day cleaning yesterday in preparation for the baby shower I'm hosting for my sister this coming Saturday. I accomplished quite a bit, and am now realizing I spent all my cleaning ambition yesterday. That means, of course, that I'll be stressing myself out later this week as the date nears to get "EVERYTHING" done.

The house is quiet right now with everyone in the basement, and I like that things are straightened and in order (even if not white glove test clean). It's the type of day/moment where I just want to sit and read a book -- and I just might.

Errands are tapping me on the shoulder though, reminding me I need to go to the grocery store, and do a bit of shopping for the party.

Uh oh. Sweet Pea just came up asking for lunch and telling me I have to go see how clean the playroom is. So much for sneaking out of the house to run errands undetected or sitting down to read a book or nap. (Because napping is always an option)

I know, I know... a rambling post. No, I couldn't really come up with anything better. It's been busy at work, busy at home, and it will be busy from now until Christmas. We're getting into the Circus' "busy season" with the birthdays and holidays and shopping and baby shower and all the other fun that's planned. It will be a good time, but a busy one.

And now Punkin is up here, too.

I'm pretty much just coasting along today, only accomplishing as much as I need to, and trying to carve out some time for "me" in the process.

I hope all is going well with you. I haven't had much time to read or comment on blogs, but I hope to get back to it soon.


CarneyFarm said...

You deserve a day of just coasting, everything always gets done eventually!

From me to you go take a nap :)

apathy lounge said...

Your errands are so polite! Tapping you on the shoulder while mine are kicking me in the butt! So rude! So insistent! And...so long overdue! Yeah...I'm going to be busy today.

WILLIAM said...

Hi CK.

eclectic said...

Your "busy season" coincides with mine. But you're better at it than I am. ;)

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