I've been told

During a very busy couple of days, and smack in the middle of Punkin's birthday party with the family, SIL and Hubby mentioned that I need to update this blog.

Hey. Guys.

I updated it.


Life is comin' at me a little too fast this past week. Between day-long meetings to 'hostess' at work, a birthday party for Punkin, flu shots for the entire circus, physical exams and speech therapy for Buddy, and the birth of my nephew (not to mention the weight of the holiday preparations on my shoulders), I've been a little overwhelmed.

I should have a chance to breathe for a bit this coming holiday weekend. I hope to write something vaguely wordy and potentionally mildly interesting (hopefully) for this space soon.

Sit tight. It's on my list.

Anyone for leftover cake and lasagna?


Lake Goddess said...

Lasagna for breakfast? Hm, interesting idea. Got wine to go with it?

WILLIAM said...

Hi CK.

Bone Machine said...

Cake, yes.

Save the lasagna for Garfield.

Circus Kelli said...

LG - Wine? No. Mimosas, yes.

William - Well HI!

BoneMac - Funny thing is, there is more leftover lasagna, than there is leftover cake. ;)

Ortizzle said...

Lasagna. With cake on top. Cuz' that's how I'm rolling these days.

P.S. The word verfication below is "cratin." Hmmm. I suppose it's a brilliant stroke of luck; one wrong vowel movement and I might have thought somebody was was calling me a cretin.

Effie said...

mmmm, leftover lasagna! I'm there, girl!! Ooh and cake too--you've made my day...mind you if I keep this up, I'll never fit back into my pre-pregnancy pants...

Hugs hello! Nadine sends raspberries and Katrina says "Hewwo"

eclectic said...

I certainly cannot throw stones at anyone for not posting or updating blogs. **blush** So, I'll just ask for some of that lasagna, please, if there's any left.

Love you, CK.

Dave said...

Did the fam have a nice holiday?

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