Lil Old Lady

One morning last month, I took the two little clowns to the eye doctor. Thankfully, both children behaved (for the most part) and cooperated with the doctor.

On the way back from the eye doctor's office, I accidentally bumped into the car in front of me. I was going all of about 2.5 miles an hour, if that, when the kids told me to look at something. Misjudging the distance between the car in front of me and the EFMommyvan, I looked away and very slowly rolled to the tapping point.


This little old lady in the car in front of me throws her hands up in the air, puts her car in park and gets out. I parked the EFMommyvan, and got out already apologizing and thinking "oh crap!! I'll be late to work, how fun with the kids in the car!!"

Me: I'm so sor--
OL: What's wrong with you?! What's your problem?! If you're going to stop, STOP! *checking her rear bumper*
Me: I'm very sorry. There d--
OL: What's wrong with you?! *getting back in her car* JERK!!
Me: Have a nice day. *getting back in my car*

And don't you know my kids were VERY interested in discussing her.

Clowns: "Mommy? Why did she call you a jerk? You're not a jerk. She's a jerk. That wasn't very nice."
Me: "We don't call people names."

I told the kids it was my fault, I should have paid attention to where I was going, and she had a right to be mad at me.

Wouldn't you know, the light changes and we end up sitting next to her at the traffic light. I didn't look at the woman. Instead, I kept one eye on the traffic signal, and was talking to the kids about the lady. "She had a right to be mad at me, but she didn't have to say that. It doesn't matter what she says to me, or thinks of me. She must be having a bad day."

Then, Sweet Pea says "Mommy, she just put her middle finger up at me... why did she do that?"

"She did WHAT?"

And with that, the light changed again and she drove away with her incredibly bad mood.


Patsy said...

Nasty lady! Gives old people a bad Rep! Sorry your kids had to see that. Glad it wasn't anything worse.

apathy lounge said...

One can only hope that kharma took care of her later on in the day.

Nance said...

You were the Good Person, all the way through. Your children will remember that when they tell the story eleventy billion times over.

Good Mother Award to YOU.

Bone Machine said...

You left out the part where you shot out her tires at a high rate of speed while singing Slayer songs.

I guess that would be bragging and you wanted to keep it real.

eclectic said...

Are you kidding me? She flipped off a little kid?? FOR SHAME ON HER!! I guess it goes to show us all that what you are at 20 you'll be still at 80, so it's a good idea to make sure it's someone you like.

Cheez whiz... that's so disappointing.

Mama Zen said...

She flipped your kid the bird? Unbelievable!

Lynntaketwo said...

I had a lady flip me off in traffic once. My kids asked the same thing. I told them she was using her fingers to count up her IQ points.

kcinnova said...

Whew! I'm glad she didn't have a gun!

Good job, Mom!!!

Dave said...

Good on you to hold your tongue and teach your kids how we should behave.
Nasty on her and I hope she spills her 4 bucks on her lap if she uses the finger like that.

Circus Kelli said...

Dave - Amen. :)

KC - Me too!

LynnTake2 - Good one! I'll have to use that next time!

MamaZ - I KNOW!

Eclectic - I thought that, too.

Bone - You know me - I'm all about keeping it real. Word.

Nance - Or, they'll remember when the lady called Mommy a "JERK!" ;)

ApathyLounge - Absolutely. She must have really been having a bad day.

Patsy - Me too.

Annejelynn said...

you're a good mommy -

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