Please tell me

Day two of sinus headache.
Tired of them. They hurt.
Can't focus, but I'm giving work a shot again.
Left work early on Monday because of this.
Headache, nausea, just want to sleep.
Calling the doctor when they open at 8:30am.

Need advice.

What do you do to rid yourself of a sinus headache?

Anything you can suggest would be great.

Leave your remedy in the comments, or email me.

Thank you so very much.


WILLIAM said...

I swear by Tylenol cold and sinus pills.

Also Hot toddies, Whiskey Tea and Honey.

Character Builder said...

I took some DayQuil Sinus on Sunday morning when I swore my face was going to blow up. Even though it expired in August 2006, it still worked! Hope you feel better soon!

kcinnova said...

RELIEF is spelled: Mucinex + Tylenol Cold & Sinus (generic okay) + hot, moist towels (or a "rice bag" if you've got one of those to heat up in your microwave).

I think William has the right idea with the beverages, too.

Hope you feel better! My 9yo is suffering from this stuff right now; I had it a few weeks ago. It sucks.

Dave said...


Susie said...

Tylenol, some hot drink and . . . I hate to say it, but it really does help -- Neti pot. Pour warm saline through your sinuses, and it will relieve the pressure. If you haven't done it before, I promise you it's not bad at all; just the idea seems so weird.

Circus Kelli said...

Thank you for the well wishes - I've just recently discovered that sinus meds make me "bombed" - can't focus, can't work, shouldn't drive, and they don't get rid of the headache. Not a good combo.

Doc says it is probably a sinus infection and prescribed "stuff".

I'd be willing to try to the hot beverages - who is willing to come here and make them for me? Anyone?

KC - I will try that hot, moist towel thing tonight, most definitely.

Dave - Yoga? Um... I wouldn't even know where to start with that one. But I would try that before trying a Neti Pot because... well, yeah, that does seem very weird... and I'm scared. :)

eclectic said...

Hot, hot bath, hot towel laid over your sinuses, followed by 1 min. of coldpack. Then advil, hot green tea brewed with peppermint, and bed. Good luck, honey. Sorry you feel so horrible.

Lynntaketwo said...

Sudafed OM. It's a nasal spray that doesn't seem to have side effects. Worked great.

Bone Machine said...

22 doughnuts.

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