It's Happening Again...

'Tis the season...

Buddy's birthday party
School band concerts and holiday programs
Decorations to put up
Christmas cards to write (both for work and home)
Holiday shopping to be done
Presents to wrap

On top of

The everyday running to and fro
and the daily household stuff
and the daily work stuff

Looking back at last year's posts from this time, I'm in the same place I was then.

My Spirit is less than festive. I feel scattered and tired and I seem to be forgetting things lately.

I haven't learned anything in the last year. I haven't made any changes to make this season better than last. That's discouraging.


Dave said...

Stay focused or you will loose your elf head!

MrPhred said...

Decorations to put up? Mistletoe is all that's required. Skip the rest. Then, get you some ;)

Christmas cards to write? Turn it over to the youngin's. They can write. Plus, it's cuter when they do it.

Holiday shopping to be done? Point and click, baby!

Presents to wrap? One word: Gift bags. No. Wait. That's two words.

Oh - a little cup of "christmas cheer" doesn't hurt either. Bottoms up! ;)

Nance said...

Sigh. I hear ya. And my last day of school? December 23rd. Isn't that insane? I can't work up any "Christmas Spirit" when I literally have to WORK UP TO CHRISTMAS.

Bah humbug.

Susie said...

But, but... OK, you're world-famous, because a world-famous columnist referred to you in his column today. So. So there. Last year, how famous were you, huh? Last year, how many huge country singers had you hugged, huh?
This year is NOTHING like last year. Except that you'll get everything done that you need to, and you'll find the time, the energy, the love, the grace. Because you're Circus Kelli, and that's what you do.

Ortizzle said...

If you can keep from ending up like the picture of that elf, you'll do just fine. But I have alll kinds of faith in The Great C.K.; I see you ending up more like this:


kcinnova said...

LOVE the picture to accompany the sentiments. I have some of the very same things going on (today is ds#3's birthday). Two concerts down, one to go (or maybe 2...the choir teacher doesn't tell us anything and neither does my choir student).
I know, the same birthday and Christmas shopping happens every year, but it STILL catches me off guard. What's up with that, anyway?

Hang in there. Take a deep breath and keep moving.

Sharkey said...

There's still time! You can cross a few "must do" items off your list. See if anybody misses 'em. Chances are they won't.

eclectic said...

Susie said what I was gonna say... like how last year you were just someone who had never met nor hugged Trace Adkins! And how you'll get everything done with grace and love, even if it ends up being just in the nick of time, because that's who you are.

Also, I gave up cards this year. I'm not buying them, not organizing them, not writing them, signing them or sending them. It's nothing personal about the people to whom I have customarily sent them, it's just that I personally can't do it with the love in my heart that ought to accompany them, so I'm not doing them until I have the right motivation.

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