Merry Christmas - 2008

Christmas morning update:
Present wrappings all over the livingroom
Stockings ransacked
One toy already broken
Pancakes, bacon and sausage made and consumed until all clowns are stuffed.
Lil Buddy just asked me if I was pregnant. Heh, thanks kid.

We leave in 90 minutes to go visit the families. I'd best get a move on.

On the 26th, I rest. That'll be my present to me.


Bone Machine said...

In the spirit of the holidays, I am thinking someone should set that snow on fire.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Sharkey said...

Merry Christmas, CK and family!

Nance said...

Have a Lovely Rest

kcinnova said...

I imagine that snow scene has changed by now. My brother in WI just had to replace his sump pump.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a restful day after. :)

Ortizzle said...

Enjoy your rest! (Teach the oldest how to make pancakes, heh, heh.)

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