Happy (delayed) New Year

In an effort to skip the fact that 2009 has not been great so far, I decided my new year would start last night. Get that last week and a half OUTTA HERE. Hubby's Dad passing, my not feeling well, the house in chaos because of the painting... then Friday night, Sweet Pea was sick. Whatever it was, it left her system pretty quickly -- by lunch time on Saturday she was her usual self, so that was good. Then, of course, last night, I started with a headache and some nausea... bleh. The headache remains now, but I'm hoping it succumbs to the medication ANY MINUTE NOW.

Still, if I start the new year today, I'm no different than anyone else who woke up to the new year with a headache/hangover, right?

There is some good stuff, though:
1) The house is slowly becoming somewhat orderly again. Christmas is all back in boxes, and I've reclaimed my livingroom and most of my diningroom and most of my kitchen. There are only a couple of things waiting on the diningroom table to be put in the family room when all the furniture gets back in place. Hubby is done painting in the kitchen/family room. Now he's handling the finishing touches like outlet covers, redoing the mantle, and eventually hanging some pictures.

The kitchen is pretty much back in order -- I'm just waiting for a valance that I've asked Bio-Mom to make (I've never really learned my way around a sewing machine), and for Hubby's tools/supplies, etc. on my desk to be replaced with my computer once again.

I love that my house is getting back to "normal" -- I feel more relaxed when things are in order.

2) We went to Bio-Mom's for "Christmas" last Saturday. I had called them earlier in the day to tell them about Sweet Pea and they insisted we come anyway (as long as Sweet Pea was improving -- and she was). We had a great time -- I always do when I'm there. It is always just so relaxed and fun. The kids love it there -- Grandpa Choo-Choo has a huge train set on the floor in the family room, and he lets the kids pretty much climb all over it and run the trains, etc. It is fun watching them all together.

We came home from Bio-Mom's with tons of butter cookies -- I LOVE butter cookies from the bakery. Oh, and I have a FABULOUS new pair of sunglasses. Classic. (Photo coming soon)

3) My headache did fade down to tolerable levels. Yay!

4) I was able to make the twice weekly speech class for Buddy run a "two-fer" today. I dropped him off at speech class, and then picked up the forms he needs to register for kindergarten. Making that little stop saved me from having to go tonight and do it.

5) This is THE last week of Buddy's speech therapy! YAY!

6) The sun was peeking out a bit today.

7) The Circus went out to dinner tonight, allowing me to take the evening off. Oh sure, there are things I probably should be doing, but I really don't want to.

At the moment, I'm torn between sitting here at the computer and sorting through photos, or just retiring to my favorite chair next to Hubby and vegging out with him.

All in all, this first day of *my* new year has turned out pretty well, in spite of the impending "doom" of a Blizzard Watch and a Winter Weather Advisory. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? For now, though, everything is fine.

More later...


WILLIAM said...

Happy New year.

eclectic said...

I love when the house returns to normal too. Of course normal for me is probably chaos for you... you seem to have a mile-wide neat & tidy streak. :) Anyway, glad you're very own new year is starting off pleasant finally! Have a little Bailey's in your cocoa for me, eh?

Nance said...

Like you, I crave order in at least ONE room of the house so that I can sit down and not feel like I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. Here's to vegging out and no headaches.

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