Tuesday night

My FIL's burial will be on Wednesday, January 7. The little clowns will be coming with us. I'm hoping the weather will not be too bad. The two littlest ones already have colds, and Hubby is getting over a cold, too.

The wake was a few days ago, and it was a very long day for all of us.

Monday and Tuesday I went to work for half-days. Monday afternoon, I did my best to bring some more order to the chaos that is my house. I made very little progress, while Hubby rested. Tonight, Hubby is working on putting the kitchen back together, and I'm contemplating parking myself in my chair and not moving. His day to recuperate from the effects of the last few days was yesterday. I'm hoping mine is tonight.

On top of all the emotional stuff lately, I slipped on some ice Sunday morning and banged myself up pretty good. My knee is scraped up and bruised, and my back and neck are sore. My stomach isn't happy with me either. I've also discovered that eating "anything I want" for a few weeks will smack me in the gut when I try to get back to eating healthier. That'll teach me, huh?

2009 is just not starting out so great here at the Circus, but I'm hopeful that everything will clear up and get back to routine, or what passes for normal around here after the next couple of days.


Susie said...

As perhaps you are aware, I am the HHICCOTC -- Head Honcho in Complete Charge of the Calendar -- and I'll be darned if I like the idea of you going to a funeral on what has recently been reassigned as the second day of the New Year.

By the powers (in)vested in me, I hereby authorize you to begin your official New Year on whatever day seems best to you. And enough, now, with the falling, and the dying and the colds and whatnot.

Ern said...

2009 is ON NOTICE to shape up. Srsly.

Circus Kelli said...

Susie - I thank you for using your powers for good and allowing us to pick our start of the new year. That rocks. I'm hoping to start the new year on Sunday and celebrating by not doing a damn thing.

Ern - Srsly.

Ethereal Highway said...


Circus Kelli said...

Right back at you EH. ;)

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