At some point in the (possibly near) future, I will be moving my blog over to www.mycircuslife.com in the hopes that I actually make use of the domain I've owned for nearly 9 years now. (And hey! "Using features my site host has me paying for anyway!" What a concept!)

So... yeah... there ya go. That's what's happening.

Time for me to get off my proverbial behind and make some changes - hopefully, they'll be for the better.

First, I want to figure out how to change that template. THEN, I'll consider moving.
It's easier to redecorate before you move in, yes?


Dave said...

we wait with worm on tongue, (baited breath)

Sharkey said...

You'll let us know when it happens for reals, right?

Opera Gal said...

send me tweets when your blog explodes - I do web dev by day, and would be happy to help

eclectic said...

Oh man... this is going to require me to link and do other computery stuff, isn't it? Eeep. ;)

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