Past Time

Back in 2000, after lots of support and assistance, I bought my mycircuslife domain and started up my online journal. I loved it. I loved having my own little space on the internet to prattle on about my first little clown, and later, the other two clowns. When I got a digital camera, I loved having the ability to put the photos up on my own little space and link to them and upload graphics and use them for my web designing, etc.

Here we are, nine years down the road and there are so many options now for photos and blogs and such!

I love the internet friends I’ve made along the way, and wouldn’t give up having a space on the internet for anything.

On the other hand, I have also had my domain site been declared an “attack site” at least twice now, to say nothing of the amount of spam comments I get when my blog is on my domain. It’s annoying as hell and takes time that I don’t have so much of any more to fix.

After some consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am going to give up my mycircuslife domain, and go back to having this blog. I’ll apologize to you now for moving the blog back and forth and back and forth. This will be the last time I move the blog. I still want to be on the internet, and having my own domain just isn’t necessary for me anymore.

I’m not sure quite how this is going to work yet — I would still like to be able to have somewhere ‘flexible’ to keep my photos. (Does Flickr allow for uploading graphics and using those graphics in blog designs?)

Thank you all so much for continuing to ‘follow’ me and my circus ramblings. I am truly grateful that you all continue to read my online writings and comment, and have been patient with following me back and forth. I really appreciate that.

I'll be back here soon. I just need to pack up a few more boxes over at the old place, shut off the lights and lock the door on my way out.

Thanks again for sticking with me.


so NOT cool said...

Somehow, I never got myself subscribed to your domain name blog, but I was subbed to this one.

Anyhow, regarding Flickr, I have used it almost since the site started up. I love it. I use it to host all of my photos for every blog that I have. I also use it for banners.

I generally privately upload the *behind the scenes* stuff and then I just keep photos that I want to share public.

I hope that helps.

Ortizzle said...

Hey, C.K.! I just did exactly the same thing a while back (after several months sabbatical during intense prep for my masters exams when I wasn't even using the dot com). So I am back at blogspot, too. I actually prefer Wordpress and use it for my school blogs, but I already had the old blogspot one still there and did not want to add to the "back-and-forth" confusion.

I just updated your link on my blogroll. :-)

Squirl said...

Every time I tried your domain from work it said it was an Attack Site. Now this one came up fine. I need to update my RSS feed for you.

Yay word verification. this one is slitires. I hope no one slits anyone's tires.

WILLIAM said...

Hi CK. I found it.

Effie said...

teehee--my w.v is COMENT--how appropriate--I think I will.

I'm here--not a very often commenter but I'm here!

9 years? For real? Wow...impressive!

C.J. Koster said...

I find Flickr to be temperamental but that might just be me! Good luck in this old but new space, I'll be subscribing to you! :)

eclectic said...

I FOUND YOU! And you're not attacking me anymore. That's so NICE of you!

Also, I'd follow you anywhere, y'know. You're my little sister.

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