Clownin' around

The other evening, we were watching televsion when some actress came on the screen, extolling the benefits of wrinkle-reducing beauty cream.
Buddy looks at me for a moment and says
"You should get that, Mom."
- - - - - - - - -
I asked Punkin to take a few photos of my hair tonight because I will be getting a new 'do in a couple of days. "Should I take a photo of the gray?" she asks. "Sure, why not." I say.
"Yeah, because that's not very difficult to do."
- - - - - - - - -
During a family drive last week, Hubs and I were throwing out acronyms.
When Hubs says "LOL"
Sweet Pea, from the very back of the truck says
"Dad! Do you even *know* what that means?!"
I just busted out laughing while he assured our 7 year old that he did indeed know what LOL meant.
Hubs and I finished the game with a "WTF?", said under our breaths, of course.

Right now as I sit here
The dishwasher is swooshing and humming behind me
My music pours through these computer speakers
Buddy is 'napping' on the couch
I tried to encourage him to just go up and get ready for bed
but he declined
Sweet Pea is nestled in a chair with a poofy pillow and a cozy blanket reading a book
Hubby is catching up with some sports event downstairs, and
I'm not sure where Punkin is

In short
things are peaceful at the Big Top
right this moment

I thank God for that
because a half hour ago
all hell was breaking loose
nobody was listening to me, and
I was an evil Mom because I was "making" the clowns eat CORN!
oh. the. horror.

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