I don't know what that was, but I liked it

Earlier this week, I was having one of those "low battery" days. I just felt a bit run down, but was doing well overall.

I had a dentist appointment scheduled for the afternoon--something I never like doing. I also had to get a few time-sensitive tasks accomplished first thing at work. These were my thoughts when Buddy came into my room to tell me his eye hurt. The eyelid and surrounding skin was inflammed, but the eye itself looked ok--not goopy or crusty. I crossed my fingers and sent him to school. Now the need to get certain work tasks done first thing was even more urgent.

As the day progressed, I began dreading the dentist visit more and more. That was an underlying thought all morning. "I don't want to go to the dentist."

At lunchtime, I had made a decision to pick up something for lunch, but I kept thinking what I would really like something warm. Something like scrambled eggs. That was an underlying thought all morning ("I wish I had some scrambled eggs" that and "I wish I didn't have to go out in this weather"). On my way out of the building, I stopped in the lunchroom for a Coke and lo and behold, there were the castoff leftovers from a morning meeting -- a pan with several egg wraps from a local restaurant.

SCORE! I nuked two and my tummy was happy. The universe had delivered lunch to me! Woo!

The afternoon wore on, I made my way down my to-do list, and my dentist appointment got closer and closer. I had just returned to my desk after brushing my teeth when the phone rang. Buddy's after school teacher called to say that his eye is looking worse she thought I might want to have a doctor look at it.

Afraid that his eye would be worse the following morning, or that the school would tell me I needed to take him to the doctor before he could return the following day, I called the doctor. SCORE! I was able to get Buddy in within the hour -- IF I moved my dentist appointment. BONUS! Dentist appointment moved to Monday night where it won't interfere with my workday.

Doctor said Buddy didn't have pink eye, but maybe an allergic reaction. (Two days later and his eye looks completely recovered - YAY!). She gave us a note that he could return to school the following day. SCORE! He was going to be ok, there was a doctor's note to back that up, and I wouldn't have to take the following day off work. (I have to carefully budget my remaining paid time off for the rest of the year, and want to take as little time off for doctor appointments as possible.)

I'm not sure if the universe was just taking pity on me, if these unexpected blessings were the work of fate or God or what. All I knew was that it was all perfectly timed.

The kicker? I openly asked the universe for a cookie. I did not get a real cookie. I did, however, get an email from a coworker saying her daughter was going to be making chocolate bliss cupcakes this week, and would I want to place an order.

Amen, baby. Amen.


eclectic said...

All's well that ends in cupcakes. Isn't that the saying?

whatwasithinking said...

You put out such good stuff; don't be surprised when it comes back around :)

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