Just like that

Later this week, I will become 41 years of age. Woo!

Remember last year?! Sure you do. EVERYONE does. WHY? Because I keep telling them about it. I have now become the person people think of when they hear or read about Trace Adkins. (And here I was afraid that I'd leave this world someday without any kind of legacy.)

Now, this year, there wasn't any Trace Chasin' goin' on. I will be attending a Martina McBride/Trace Adkins concert in November, but will most likely not be meeting Trace or Martina in person. With fifth row seats to the concert for Erika and I, I can be very happy with that.

Another thing I am VERY happy about -- Hubby bought me an iPod for my birthday! I've been collecting songs off my CDs for a while now so I could listen to them at work, and in anticipation of this gift. You see, a while back, I borrowed the iPod that Punkin got for her birthday last year so I could have music while I went for a walk. That little gadget came in pretty handy. I decided that I would/might work out more if I had "portable" music. (yeah, that's my story and I'm stickin to it). Since then, I've made it known that I would like an iPod for my birthday, and if I didn't get one as a gift, I was going to go buy one.

Yeah, I know... I can be a snot, but I've learned if I don't clearly announce my wishes, repeatedly, well, there's a chance I might be disappointed and angry because the people who love me apparently still can not read my mind. Clearly, this must be the case because I have to constantly ASK my children to clean their rooms. If they could read my mind, I wouldn't have to ask, now would I?

Hubby sprang my shiney new iPod on me while we were tooling around with the kids in the family truckster. It made me very happy and I had to pass the still packaged iPod around so the kids could see all the new and shiney of my hot pink iPod. Punkin immediately had iPod envy. Hers is just purple with a smaller screen and it doesn't have a camera or video capabilities. Woo! Hot pink and shiney and new and all upgradey and stuff!

When we got home, Hubs set about to helping me load the songs on the miPod. He just started doing it and I got all flustered and announced that *I* could do that and I wasn't about to have to ask him to load my songs each time I wanted to add something (like he does for Punkin). After all, I'm not a complete idiot. It was very nice of him to help, though. As the songs were being all converted and what not, he wandered off with my iPod. "To charge it", he said. Cool. No problem, I'd just pile up more songs from my CDs while I waited. (I also cleaned up the kitchen and folded laundry while I waited. I wouldn't want y'all to think I was neglecting my chores for my new toy. Heaven forbid.)

After miPod was all charged, Hubs brought it back and set it on my desk. I was in the middle of preparing dinner, and Punkin asked to look at miPod. As long as the littles didn't begin to think miPod was community property, I was ok with that.

Over the next few minutes, Punkin clicked and scrolled and proclaimed she liked miPod better than hers. "Aw, bummer darlin'. That's MINE. Mommy loves you!" *smile*

She made a face at me, and continued to explore "Hey. There's a pedometer on here!"
Me: Really?! Cool! Now I'll have to get a holder thingy for the miPod. (Mental note: check out all the fun accessories available for miPod.)

For the next little while, Punkin played with leaving me voice messages and taking videos and just figuring out all the "extras" on miPod while I continued to make dinner.

The evening wore on and soon it was bedtime for the clowns. Punkin gave me hugs and kisses and said "Really, Mom. If you want to know anything about your iPod, just let me know. I'll be happy to show you how to work stuff."

And just like that, I became one of "those" parents who don't know anything about modern technology.

Damn Whippersnappers.


eclectic said...

I KNOW! Carter knows more about my stupid cell phone than I do. Grrrrrr... ;)

Happy for your happiness. Tell Hubs I think he did great.

Now... can I borrow your iPod?

WILLIAM said...

Hi Ck. Happy belated birthday to you.

kcinnova said...

Official iPod envy here!

And chuckling over miPod. :)
*great name*

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