When Worlds Collide

I've said it before - Stay At Home Moms have my admiration. I just don't feel that I could be a very good SAHMom.

On the other hand, being a Working Out Of The House Mom has some major disadvantages -- like when the work world and the Mom world collide.

Case in point:
An event at the school for Sweet Pea and her class. Something she is looking forward to. Something I was able to attend when Punkin was involved. Something we worked on a project this weekend for. The event is planned for Friday.

This Friday.

At work, we have an all day meeting coming up. I take care of the meeting room set up, taking the notes, and arranging the catering for the event. There are typically about 50 people in this day-long meeting. The meeting is set for Friday.

This Friday.

Fun "Clown" event at the school.
All day meeting at work.

Responsibilities are tugging at me from two different directions.

With the Boss dealing with stressors, I really really really don't want to ask for two hours off work for any reason. He is, under regular circumstances, a fair and generous boss. (And no one wants to sit in this meeting taking notes for me)

I will put on my big girl panties and do the right thing, but I really do not like having to make choices like this. Not at all. Someone is always "disappointed" no matter what.


eclectic said...

Ugh. I know that feeling.

You are awesome, and the way you juggle all your competing responsibilities makes me want to stand up and applaud because you make it look easy, even though I KNOW it's not.

I'm sorry Friday leaped up to grab your ankle. It will end up okay though, because your kids and your job are both so lucky to have you whenever they do that they'll make do without you for a little bit.

Effie said...

i hate that feeling--don't worry though--your kids don't feel neglected and they know that you love them...

Yesterday, my hubby stayed home from work to take care of the poor sickies (I had already stayed home 2 days this week with them) and I get a call right at home time (remember it still takes me about an hour to get home)and he says--"Here--Katrina wants to talk to you" and she gets on the phone. I say "Hi Sweetie--how are you?" and I hear "Moooommmyyyyy--come hoooome [sob sob], I miiiiisssss yoooou"
Break my heart into a million and a half pieces--I swear I cried the whole way home..poor thing feeling so sick....what can you do though?! Just think--today is Friday! Phew!! Hubby's home with them again today...hopefully it's a better day!

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