The After Party

I survived Punkin's party and feeling like crap - between my back stiffening up, and feeling somewhat drunk before I'd had a drop of alcohol, I kinda felt like I was a mess yesterday. The party went fine, and there was actually fewer guests than usual. A last minute change to the amount of chicken ensured we had *just enough* leftover.

Mom and Dit were here with Lukas. Mom's talking about the stuff that Lukas does at this age, and I start saying "Oh yeah, my kids did that..." and I go on to tell the story. Afterwards, Mom says "Wow. I can't believe it." "What?" I say. "Well, you went through all the stuff we're going through (w/Lukas) and you never told us about it." I was dumbfounded. I HAD told them all about that. They just never listened.

I have the Shine All Night concert tonight (Martina McBride/Trace Adkins), but first I'm going to play "Cinderella" and get some chores/errands done. Not a problem. It'll make life easier tomorrow. I don't anticipate getting home much before 1am (the concert is in Milwaukee - at least 90 mins away). I plan on resting tomorrow - around other errands - a parent/teacher conference and taking the van in for an estimate on the bumper (after that 19 yr old tapped my ass* - LOL!)

Hubs is off on the motorcycle with friends - plans made before he realized I had the concert tonight. Thankfully, SIL offered to watch the clowns for us. (Thanks, Shelley!)

After the party last night, Shelley offered to take the kids down to her house for a sleepover, if that was ok with me. "Let me get this straight. You're going to take the kids with you. I'll have a house that's already clean, plans to have fun, and the kids will be gone. Unexpectedly and all at the same time? And, like *now*? Uh, yeah, I think I can handle that." (and my inner child whooped "Hell freakin yeah! Why are you still here?!")

So, here I sit this morning. My music blaring, washing machine and dryer working away, kids and Hubs taken care of. I like this. This 'after party' is better than I anticipated. It's not every day I can have cake for breakfast without guilt.

*That's from my SIL - "So, a 19 yr old tapped your ass, huh?" after hearing about the fender bender.


eclectic said...

Heh. Still in after-party mode over here, at least if the fading balloons and cookie crumbs are any indicator. ;)

kcinnova said...

Martina AND Trace? Milwaukee just got even better! :)

Sorry it's been so long since I've stopped in.

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