November 13th

Right now, it is 7:30pm on a Sunday evening. One clown is fast asleep - Sweet Pea put herself to bed nearly an hour ago. The girl who used to fight going to sleep now snores softly just upstairs. The boy clown had a difficult time earlier tonight, and was sent to his room. He's been talking to me from his room, but is now putting himself to bed. Punkin clown is checking her email before getting herself all tucked in.

It's been a busy weekend.

Friday night, Punkin had a couple of her friends over for a small birthday party. I ordered pizza from Domino's at the birthday girl's request. There were presents, we made sugar cookies and decorated them (in lieu of a cake), and I let them throw pink confetti around the living room. An hour later, it looked like our living room floor (and foyer and dining room) had the measels. The four big sugar cookies turned into two big sugar cookie blobs in the oven, but the girls did a great job of overcoming that (and hey, they were still pretty edible!)

Later, I took the three tweens to see Disney's "A Christmas Carol." (The animation is so well done in that movie, that it was easy to forget it was animation. Wow) Before we left, I had a talk with them. Because I was responsible for all three of them while they were in my care, there were certain rules. I wanted them to have fun, but I also wanted them to understand that they needed to listen to me. They were all very well-behaved, and I guess I really didn't need to worry.

One of the girls was unable to stay for a sleepover. I planned on taking her home after the movie. Her parents were pretty laid back, and felt she was in good hands. I appreciated that. This was the first time this particular girl had been over at our house.

The movie let out around 10:30pm, and I think we were all a little tired, but in good spirits. We were chatting about the movie as we made our way back home, sitting at a stoplight when suddenly, we were hit from behind.

Many things ran through my head at once:
Oh crap.
Is anyone hurt?
Oh no they did'n!
These girls' parents are never going to let them come over again.
I hope whoever hit me doesn't take off.

I remained calm, checked the girls - thankfully, we were all ok. I got my cell phone, got out of the van and met the driver of the other car. The driver was a 19 year old kid and his friend. I dialed 911 as the kid apologized over and over and over. There was minor damage on the bumper of the Mommyvan, and again, I was very grateful that's all there was.

And then the shakes kicked in. I was still able to keep my head about me, but I was shaking pretty badly.

After calling the police, I called home to let Hubby know what happened. Then, I had to call the parents of the girls in the van. I was also very grateful that I could call them with "Everyone is fine, but I wanted to let you know there's been a fender bender..." That sucked, even with the good news. Thankfully, the parents were understanding.

Of course, it was Friday the 13th. I'm not incredibly superstitious, but I will say that our last accident (several years ago on the way to Florida) was also on Friday the 13th. I've pretty much decided that future birthday parties will not involve "field trips" out of the house on Friday the 13th. I think it's just safer that way.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful - we got home, the girls stayed up too late and ate cookies until the wee hours of the morning. After our guest left the following day, Punkin and I pretty much crashed.

The family party for Punkin will be on the 21st, which will officially kick off our "busy season." Birthday parties and holidays and all the preparations for such things will take up most of our energy in the next six weeks.

I've already started my to-do lists, birthday lists, and Christmas lists. You can bet I'll be checking them all twice.

Thank goodness we're done with all the Friday the 13ths for the year.


eclectic said...

Ugh. I'm sorry to hear that, not only because it sucks, but because you SO NEEDED something else to do (like worry about car repairs, etc.) during The Season!!! Very glad you're all fine though. Hang in there, li'l sis.

eclectic said...

OK, so is it just me, or is it crazy that we both have car repairs to deal with? Because seriously, Universe... you meant to do this?? Right now? *deep breath*

We'll be just fine. Best Holiday/Birthday season evah! Who's with me?


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