Beginning Again

Although I'm still online quite a bit, I've neglected this blog. I'm on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Sparkpeople--just not here. There's not a lot really going on at the Circus. Just the work, family thing - getting back into routine and all that.

The holidays were good, and people seem to be pleased with their gifts - the clowns included. We visited with the different branches of our family tree for Christmas, and opted to stay home with just us for New Years. The clowns stayed up to ring in Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve, except for Buddy who fell asleep at 11:30pm (the kids don't realize what an institution Dick Clark is).

I was even able to get some time to myself between Christmas and New Years - I squandered quite a lot of time reading and relaxing. It was lovely. Unfortunately, it takes time to gain momentum again after lazy days like that.

Part of me is determined to "make changes" this year (nothing life altering, just things I want to improve upon within myself really) and part of me is being a lazy slug. Christmas hasn't been taken down and put away yet, and the living and dining rooms look like a holiday toy tornado went through. (Just after the holidays, I collected any decorations and holiday knick-knacks from around the house and set them on the dining room table - hence the mess in the dining room)

Today was the first "Snow Day" of the New Year for the kids - they weren't disappointed about missing school today in the least. Hubs and I split our work shifts to each spend a half day at home with them. I had some pretty good intentions on what I was going to accomplish with my morning hours at home, but the only thing I accomplished was breakfast for the Circus before getting to work. (And even that felt like a half-baked job)

Maybe it's the cold, gray days that make me want to curl up in the blankets and escape into my favorite music or read the days away. Maybe it's just post-holiday let down. Either way, I'm just feeling pretty mellow.

I hope all is well with you and yours and that 2010 has been good to you so far.


eclectic said...

Face Book? What's that?


oddmix said...

Facebook is where all the cool kids hang out. Kelli is cool now that she is on facebook. ;)

I just found out I still remember the password to my blog. Now I shall find out if I have the will to start posting again.

But I will certainly stay on facebook.

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