It Must Have Been A Good Day

This morning started out like any other morning.

Except, this morning, I had an appointment to get my head examined.

I've had headaches for years and years and years. They don't happen every day, but when they do, they can become excrutiating. Five years ago, I saw a neurologist for the headaches. He ordered an MRI, found nothing significant, and, because of the symptoms and timing, determined them to be hormonally related.

In the past few months, the headaches have no pattern, and have begun to last more than a day or so -- some lasting a week.

My 2010 goals include checking into the headaches (again) and getting a long overdue eye exam. (I've noticed my vision changing. Now, it is true that I'm over 40. I've never had perfect vision, and some vision changes associated with age wouldn't surprise me.)

After dropping off the clowns at school, I went home, had some breakfast, then left to get an MRI before going in to work. (Heh, just a day like any other)

Since, I've had an MRI before, I knew what to expect. All I had to do was insert the squishy, orange earplugs into my ears, lay there, don't move, and try not to fall asleep. Actually, falling asleep wouldn't be bad, but I twitch when I sleep. Sometimes violently. Since I was supposed to hold still and not move, falling asleep wouldn't win me any friends with the Tech. (And she was a nice lady, but it could be that she hadn't had her morning coffee when I saw her.)

As I lay there staring at the inside of the noisy metal tube through the cage over my face, I let my mind drift. Have you seen the episode of House where the guy's head explodes in the MRI thingy? Yeah, me too. I wasn't nervous about the test, but I figured as long as my head didn't explode, the rest of the day would be a cake walk.

When the test was over, I went to work. The regular routine of my day was trashed -- arriving at work three hours later than usual will do that. I felt like I was dragging behind before I even got started. As such, it was difficult to get a real sense of accomplishment at all. I'd get one thing done, and the boss would fire off three more.

I did eventually schedule, cancel and reschedule all the meetings the boss asked me to, as well as work on a couple of other things. Everything seemed ok, I just felt a little worn out, run down...just a little "meh."

As my workday was drawing to a close, I got this great email from Punkin. After telling her I didn't feel like I accomplished anything today, she replied "I bet you accomplished something. it might be small but you accomplished something right?"

Heh, yes. Yes, I did. That was a good dose of needed perspective.

When I arrived home, Hubs and I looked at the proof that I do indeed have a brain in my head. We even showed the clowns. "Look kids! That's Mommy's brain!" Buddy's comment was "Really? That'is your brain? That is so NOT cool." SweetPea thought it was VERY cool.

Dinner wasn't anything special, and nothing much got done around the house this evening. After the kids were in bed, Hubs and I watched some television. It was another evening just like so many others.

Just before I dropped off to sleep, I had a realization.

My head didn't explode, so it must have been a good day.


Rick Peete said...

I am glad your head is still intact. I will be praying for you.

eclectic said...

I love this. I love that Punkin first of all has the perspective, and second, is able/willing to share it back with you. Awesome!

Lake Goddess said...

So, you have a brain, or what?

Sam Patterson said...

Look at the relative size of the tongue to the brain.

just sayinghedsour

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