What if

There are days when the two sides of my brain are at war.

I have responsibilities and tasks that fall to the one side of the brain, but my creative side is struggling to break free.

I want to
Sit and listen to music
Paint something
Browse the library/book store for hours
Wander aimlessly
Be an invisible extrovert out in the world

I don't want to
make plans or lists
work on the tasks or cross things off
be stuck behind a desk for hours on end

My responsibilities limit me on days like today.

The sun is out
It is calling to me

Going out to lunch
getting away from this desk
sitting quietly
eating lunch
reading a book
seems like a capital idea


I wonder
What would happen
if I didn't come back this afternoon?

1 comment:

eclectic said...

I know what would happen: you would hop on a plane and fly out here for a visit, and I think it's a brilliant idea!! DO IT!

*also, it's really nice to see you here.

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