In between

In between having great ideas and plans and not yet being able to execute them

I feel the need to get organized
Get my ducks in a row
Create something
Make something beautiful
Get my hair cut
Lose weight
Feel better about myself
Create a "library space' in my living room
Buy new clothes
Buy new furniture
Scrub the oven out
Straighten things up
Toss things out

After weeding through, throwing away, packing up and dusting off all the nooks and crannies of my office space (and that of my boss's) I feel a bit... down.

I've been in this office space/building for nigh on 18 years, and Thursday, I will be moving to another building under the corporate umbrella. I will no longer have my fantastic windows. I will no longer feel the sunshine while I sit at my designated post.

That's not to say the new building doesn't have it's advantages -- I just don't know what they all are yet. It will be a change. An adjustment.

It's sort of a new beginning. A chance to make changes to routines, habits. A time to take stock, set goals, be better than before.

And I still feel like I want to accomplish something big. Something beautiful. I just can't decide what that something is.

I know this, though. It will be good.

It is good.


Character Builder said...

My list looks amazingly similar to yours. Good luck at the new office. You'll find the positive things, and I know you'll appreciate them. :)

eclectic said...

New office! Do you think there will be cuppity cakes at the office-warming party?

Effie said...

Hey there--
my office did a similar move at the beginning of the year, however, I didn't lose any window space (or gain any for that matter) but the scope of my position was shifted and I've had a bit of an adjustment period to go through. Also, being somewhat sleepy and nauseous throughout the ordeal didn't help (yes, I'm pregnant again--this is #4) but all in all, I think I'm adjusting well. My department merged with another department--excitement, I know. I *do* hope there were cup-cakes for your new office welcoming!
Happy week-before-Easter!
Hugs and blove--it's been forever!--Effie

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