GOOFY Friday - Evening

I loaded the kids up into the car and traveled South to Geneva, IL. An author I've recently discovered was signing copies of his books there. I had 'talked' with him a couple of times on Twitter and Facebook, and purchased some of his books through his website, and was looking forward to meeting him in person. I had warned the kids to be on their best behavior, and bribed them with purchases if they were compliant. I felt ready to meet this guy.

We walked into the store and immediately spotted him near the entrance, surrounded by some other fans. Overcome by a fit of intimidation, I quickly steered the children towards the back of the store. It was no problem for the littles, because they were focused on the TOYS! BOOKS!. Punkin, however, knew I had just sort of freaked out. We walked around for a couple of minutes when Punkin asks "Mom, how long are you going to stall?" "Honey," I said "I feel an attack of stupid coming on. I need some time, and probably your help. Don't let me look stupid."

Well, that's a tall order, for sure. The more we walked around and anticipated meeting my new favorite author, the more giggly we became. It wasn't long before I realized I would have to approach him on my own. Apparently, the stupid tends to multiply when I have company. When Punkin wasn't looking, and the coast was clear (that is to say there weren't any other Travis Thrasher fans in the immediate vicinity to witness my attack of "fan girl"), I walked right up to him and introduced myself.

Thank GOD he seems like a nice person, and almost immediately put me at ease. The stupid dissolved, we chatted for a while, and he didn't roll his eyes (that I saw) when my kids approached me with the "Can we go now?" questions. He was also courteous with Punkin (who found me shortly after I got all brave), and asked her questions about what kind of books/movies she liked.

It looks like Punkin and I both have a new favorite author. I'm now on the hunt for the other half dozen or so books of his that I haven't read yet. Thankfully, he's writing more... I wouldn't want to run out of books to read.

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