GOOFY Friday - Morning, Afternoon

FRIDAY was a completely goofy day -- nothing bad, just not our typical day

The kids went to the park district program, and I went off to run some errands. I did that, came home, started some laundry, watched a movie... no big deal, just a pretty casual start to the day.

A short while later, we got a phone call from Punkin, who then gave the phone to the park district program director who asked if it was ok if a reporter interviewed our family about the new CATCH (healthy eating) program that was covered by a grant to the after school program. I knew the reporters were going to be at the school, but was unsure about the details on why. I said "Sure, why not" and proceeded to answer a couple of questions over the phone. The reporter asked Punkin, Buddy and Sweet Pea some questions after I hung up, and just like that, we're in the Northwest Herald: "Grant aims to stop childhood obesity" bit.ly/Hm3Wj0

A little while later, Hubs and our neighbor, Brian (fueled by beer and boredom) decided to remove three 4x4 posts the previous owners had cemented into the backyard (their child was a gymnast. These posts served as uneven bars or something. Apparently, after seven years, Hubs got tired of mowing around them.)

After about 30 minutes of fighting with the posts that don’t want to move, two Crystal Lake police cars roll up across the street. A police officer from each car gets out a starts walking towards the house. One of them says. “Good afternoon, were you at the nearby Thornton’s gas station?” Hubs replied that yes, he was there, getting gas for his motorcycle. The officer then asked, “Did you attempt to abduct anyone from there? There was an attempted abduction there involving a possible silver Audi.” Well, Hubs was there on a red motorcycle that didn't have the trunk space to abduct anyone.

After a couple more questions and some chatting, the officers went back to their police cars. While Hubs and Brian went back to work digging out the posts. The officers stayed out in their squad cars for at least 45 minutes. I guess two men digging holes in the backyard with sledge hammers, shovels, sawzalls and drinking beer will make them suspicious! Here’s the story from the paper.

Crazy, right?

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