Friday Night

This wasn't the Friday night I had planned.

I had planned on cleaning out my closet and bedroom - the kids have deposited all the things they want to get rid of in our closet. I had moved most of it out of the closet so we could still get to our things. The big pile of unwanteds in the corner is really starting to get to me. The menu for next week and the grocery list also needed to be put together, and I was going to try to run over the library before it closed.

It would seem though, that were the mind is willing, the spirit is tired as hell. When I got home from work, I chatted with the family for a bit and decided to just sit down for a few minutes before playing short order cook for the kids and serving up soup and salad for Hubs and I. Forty-five minutes later I woke up, stumbled to the phone and ordered pizza.

After snarfing all the pizza, I pretty much slacked as much as possible.

Not what I had planned, but I'm rolling with it.

Saturday will be a busy day - the kids and I are headed to Six Flags, weather permitting. Right now, the forecast is cool and calling for scattered storms. That'll be fine. I'd rather deal with that than 100 degree temps. The kids are excited and I'm on guard for a headache that is just a ghost right now. I'm crossing my fingers it stays that way.

Anyhoober... time to get this mama to bed. Nighty-night, peeps.


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