Home Sweet Home

We arrived home from our Circus Road Trip for 2013 yesterday afternoon.
Over the course of nearly a week (12 hours shy of a full week), we drove nearly 3500 miles. More specifically, Hubs drove, we were just along for the ride.

Our main destination was Glacier National Park in Montana, but we made some stops along the way.

The trip was a lot of fun. As always, it is nice to get away, and nice to get back to home base.

I will be getting the photos uploaded soon, and will (hopefully) find the time to write down some of the stories about our trip.

For now, though I'm happy and content to just kind of take things easy, take a few deep breaths and relax a bit before going back to work on Monday.

Laundry from the trip is all washed.
I am incredibly grateful to have a washer and dryer in our home.

Paperwork and bills from before we left have been sorted and tended to .
I am grateful to have a stable job that pays well enough to take care of the bills, and to allow us to have vacations like the one we just had.

The fridge has been cleaned out and new groceries have been purchased for the week ahead.
I am grateful to be able to have decent meals for our family.

Photos from our vacation are being collected and will be sorted and uploaded to Flickr. I will also choose which ones should be printed for the photo albums.
I am grateful to have the technical ability and resources to be able to do that. I am also grateful to be able to take photos of some of the beauty we encountered in the Montana and Wyoming area.

Mostly, I am grateful that my husband enjoys taking all of us on road trips and showing us the sights and building memories for us and our children.

More to come. Good night for now.

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