Yesterday's adventures:

Driving down the road with three of my kids and one of someone else's about a mile from home, we heard a small pop, then a bit of a wobble... then a REALLY BIG WOBBLE. Busy busy road (Rakow for the locals). I drove like that for a bit until I could pull over to a safe spot, and the picture below is what I found.

We called Steve and he came to change the tire. The tire was stuck on the van, so he called reinforcements. Our neighbor came to help, the spare was put on, then we went home (out of the rain) to be sure everything was ok.

We still went to Six Flags Great America yesterday. It was raining when we left, but we had truly wonderful weather at the park. The lines weren't bad at all, and there wasn't a ride that we didn't get to go on. We hit the Whizzer, Demon, Yankee Clipper, Batman*, Superman, X-Flight, Roaring Rapids, American Eagle, Viper, Raging Bull, Vertical Velocity, Giant Drop, and the Dark Knight. Only the kids went on the Raging Bull, Vertical Velocity and Roaring Rapids. (I didn't go on those).

*Batman the ride was running backwards - that ride really messed me up. I took some time to recover so that I could to on the Superman with Buddy and Sweet Pea later.

We stayed at the park longer than we had planned because we were having a great time and the weather was fabulous. After the park, we hit IHOP and made it back home around 11:00pm.

A long day with a precarious start, but a great one overall. :)

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