Had a small existential crisis last night.

The wife and mother of a coworker passed recently. I did not know her personally, but knew she was a special person.

The photos reminded me of photos so many of us have of our families. The flowers were lovely and beautiful. The bits and pieces the family shared were a tribute to a kind soul.

On the way home, my mind started to wander.

Why are we really here? What does it all mean? What is it all for?

I did not have any answers. Now, I don't want you to think I'm falling into some deep depression, nor am I a danger to myself or others. The mind just sometimes travels down unbeaten and shadowy paths. *

Maybe we're here to make other's lives better -- but why? This is the thought that circled my mind during the drive home.

Do you have an answer? What are your thoughts?

* The mind tends to visit these places more when a migraine is coming on. I took my meds and got myself to bed early. Today, the migraine is gone. The question remains, but isn't as 'loud' as it was.

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