Thoughts on Happiness

Something to think about.
I'm not happy all the time.
I'm content, good, tired, irritated, annoyed, and thankful. 
In the mornings, I (try to) focus on being grateful, hopeful, positive.
In the afternoons, I'm tired, wishing the day away and not liking where I'm at mentally.
I find myself "should"-ing myself. 
I should eat better. I should get more rest. I should be a better wife/mother/employee/friend.
I should exercise. I should take better care of the house/car/yard/kids.
Happiness does not mean I won't feel all these things.
Happiness does not mean I will be upbeat and enthusiastic and joyful all the time.
Happiness does not mean I have to think positively and always look on the bright side of things.
Happiness does not mean I won't have any bad days or thoughts.

Happiness means I accept that I will feel all those things.
Happiness means I will have bad days and good days.
Happiness just means I know my day/thoughts/feelings won't always be in the toilet.

Happiness means there is hope that tomorrow or next week or next month will be better.

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