But who's counting?

4 weeks
61 applications sent out
2 recruiters
7 phone screens
1 FaceTime interview
2 in-person interviews
1 in-person interview pending

I am not counting the companies that told me "the position has been filled."
Nor am I counting the companies that have not gotten back to me. I'm choosing to focus on the 'wins.'

I know getting let go was actually a good thing.

I've been happy, elated, hopeful, discouraged, disappointed, and frustrated.

I am not giving up.

The job is out there.

The adventure continues...


Squirl said...

Yes, that job is out there. And it's going to be the best job yet. It's the being patient until it happens part that sucks the most.

David said...

With your great attitude you will have no issues landing the dream job for you.

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