Funny thing happened on the way to the interview...

Because life is the way it is, the H/R guy from The Job (the job that I'm currently most hoping to get) called to say the prospective employer was available the only evening this week that we already had plans. SweetPea was signing that same night with the choir in a concert that was a very big deal to her, and therefore it was a very big deal to us. After some back and forth, we decided I could meet with the executive at 5:00pm (about an hour away) and still make it to the concert by 7:00pm -- if everything went according to plan.

I spent the day freaking out off and on (nerves! anxiety! doubts!) and hanging out with Punkin, getting her advice on my interview outfit, and getting ready. Hubs came home and suggested I leave immediately just in case. I had planned to do that anyway, so after a few hugs and good wishes I was off to interview for The Job. It was 3:30pm, so that should give me plenty of time to get to the interview, and still have a few minutes in case I got lost or get stuff in traffic.

 The directions were fairly straight-forward and I was making good time. I was still freaking out a bit, but trying to reign it in. I sent up silent prayers that I would make it there, not blow the interview, and everything would work out just fine.

And then, the tire pressure sensor light on the van went off. I wasn't concerned. This happens from time to time, and I've learned that it was something non-urgent that I could deal with when I got back home.

And then, a driver came up on my left, honked, and pointed to the rear driver's side tire. That was different, so I pulled into the next driveway to have a look.

Huh. Flat tire. (commence full blown internal freak out) That was new. It definitely didn't look like that when I left the house, or while I ran errands earlier in the day.

I was about halfway to the interview, freaking out, and very much a damsel in distress. I called my superhero husband, then called other white knight reinforcements who were closer to my current location. Non-Bio Dad (married to Bio-Mom) dropped what he was doing in order to pick me up and take me to the interview.

The nervous laughter bubbled up, in part due to the freaking out, but also because I realized I was now more anxious about getting to the interview, then the interview itself. Anxious, nervous, and wondering if I would make it in time, I waited in my disabled van, watching the clock. I had 32 minutes to get to the interview. GPS said it would take me 21 minutes to get there from my current location.

Moments later, Non-Bio Dad arrived in his white chariot and whisked me off to the interview. We arrived in time for me to check in with the front desk and take a few deep breaths before the executive arrived to begin the interview.*

Superhero Hubs arrived shortly after that to put the spare tire on (after taking it to the nearest gas station to put air in it), stowed the disabled tire in the back of the van and return home in time to get to SweetPea's concert.

The first question the executive had for me was "So, how was the ride here?"
"Funny you should ask..." I said and told him a very abbreviated version of my tale before getting to the interview itself. The last question the executive asked me was "So... do you have a ride home?" 😏

After the interview, Non-Bio Dad drove me back to the now not-so-disabled van. I hopped in and was able to get to the school just as the choir was filing into the place. SweetPea saw that I made it and beamed. (Later she told me her nerves had just been getting to her, but calmed a bit when she saw me.)

The concert was wonderful (Vivaldi's Gloria played by the orchestra from Conant High School and sung by choirs from both SweetPea's and Conant High Schools). Somehow, in spite of everything, and with the help of two great people, I made it, on time, to the two places I had to be that night.

Timing is everything.

* Wondering how the interview went?  It seemed to go well. The executive said he would give positive feedback to Human Resources and hoped to close the process of filling the position "soon." I think I would be a good fit for the job, the executive, and the company. Now I wait. 

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